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The benefits of a child’s involvement in music are well-documented: but the benefits of being in the biggest school concert is quite simply life-changing.

Having the opportunity to perform in some of the country’s most renowned arenas has a massive impact on the children involved. From the day the AYV music is introduced to the many months of rehearsals to the day of the performance, American Young Voices culminates when thousands of children from hundreds of schools come together for a once-in-a-lifetime event. Instantaneously, there is an enormous sense of individual and collective achievement gained from this memorable and special experience. One of the highlights of the whole process is to see the pride that the children have in their own performance, which is further amplified when their parents and families are able to share the experience as part of the audience.

“Every school needs to participate in this program. We had so much fun and so many tears of joy that our daughter got the opportunity to participate in such an outstanding program. We tell everybody about this program and we hope to come back and watch again next year.” – Mary (Parent)

Furthermore, with the guidance of their teachers and the support of their classmates, students develop self-confidence and the ability to communicate as part of a team. Add to this the numerous health benefits of consistent singing in rehearsals, from breathing regulation to relieving stress, and it’s no wonder that this program has been selling out around the world year after year.

“The hope and unity of humanity embodied in that song among thousands of children was very touching.” – Taeriah (Parent)

What other parents have said about the Young Voices Experience

“My wife and I attended the concert last night as our granddaughter was performing with PS 29 from Staten Island. We were absolutely blown away! It was one of the greatest concerts that we have ever attended. We are already looking forward to next year’s concert!”

“An amazing experience. Emotional and enjoyable for all. My kids still talk about the dance moves and the songs and the whole event. We loved the Bon Jovi sing along at the end!! The song about believing was perfect and very impactful with 3500 kids singing at once.”

“They loved it! They are still singing the songs everyday! They were asking the next morning if the school would be doing this again next year!”

“This was such a wonderful experience for my children. It will be a memory talked about for the rest of their lives!”

“She felt great for being apart of such a great show. Not only did she love singing but she also had a lot of fun. She got to hang out with friends and sing with them. It was fantastic.”

“This was an excellent performance which exemplifies the ability of every kid. It was a beautiful time for all.”

“She loved it!. She was so exited to participate singing along with professionals.”

If you think your child could benefit from the Young Voices experience, please share with your child’s music teacher and principal!

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