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Welcome to American Young Voices

Join over 2 million students and teachers worldwide who have already taken part in the music education phenomenon, Young Voices!

“I can’t say enough about what an AMAZING experience it was for my students! I’ve never gotten so many hugs from students AND parents!!!!!” – Alison C. (Teacher)

Join the Educational Phenomenon That Teachers Are Raving About

Through music, the American Young Voices program strives to:

  • Inspire a love of music through classroom education and participation, culminating in massive arena concerts
  • Engage students grades 2-8 with our diverse range of music arranged especially for them
  • Educate students of any ability level in an inclusive group environment

American Young Voices is an all-inclusive educational program designed to use music to develop 21st-century skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, mindfulness, and innovation. We provide extensive support materials and resources for teachers and a multifaceted experience for children that encourages a life-long love of music.

This musical journey culminates in an arena near you where thousands of students come together as a massive chorus. At an American Young Voices concert, your students are the stars! They are accompanied by a live band of accomplished musicians with professional lighting and sound in front of an audience of thousands of their families and friends from your community!


American Young Voices makes music education matter by providing a transformative musical experience for students while building community through music.

  • Affordable – only $95 for as many students as you’d like
  • Great for entire schools, general music classes, choral ensembles for grades 2-8 
  • High-quality and resources – as well as constant support for teachers – are provided
  • All inclusive, non-competitive, no audition necessary

“I would bet our chorus numbers will double once the word gets around about this experience. For one night you guys turned thousands of kids into rock stars.” – Brian S. (Teacher)

“Amazing doesn’t describe tonight. What an incredible experience for every student that attended!” – Lauren F. (Teacher)

“We participated last year, and it was an epic experience!! My students and I were in awe and love being a part of this program. It changed their perspective of performing. We are excited to participate again!!” – Melissa A. (Teacher)


Our varied and exciting repertoire is specifically selected to engage and educate your students. AYV music is fun, accessible, and educational.

  • Incorporate our lesson plans, conducting notes, and adapted curriculum to meet your class or rehearsal needs
  • Connect with and get support from our experienced and friendly staff 
  • Encourage your school community to get their tickets and get together for this once-in-a-lifetime concert
  • Attend our Teacher’s Workshop with Francisco J. Núñez and earn valuable Professional Development Hours​

“Everything about this experience was just great: the material chosen, the fabulous conductor, the great band, singers and MC, the lighting, standing behind the stage and experiencing how a rock concert looks from up close and so much more. We will definitely be there EVERY YEAR!” – Dassi R (Teacher)

“The reviews have been rave and everyone is already talking of returning next year. What a great moment that was! Everything that one hoped for …and beyond! I am so happy that our school was part of it. We will be back! – Remy L. (Teacher)


Join the massive chorus of thousands of students and change lives through this unique musical experience.

  • Perform for thousands of your families, friends and local community
  • Make lasting memories that students, teachers, and families will never forget
  • The students are the stars! An AYV concert is completed with the incredible Young Voices band as well as professional lighting and sound to make the music come alive


As a teacher, you can expect so much from the American Young Voices experience, not only on the day of the concert but during the time leading up to it.

The team of professionals that bring American Young Voices to you are always hard at work making sure that you get the most out of your rehearsal period. From the start, we are putting together information packs, musical arrangements, and learning tracks so that you can make the most of the time with your students before the big day.

“I can’t tell you what an amazing experience American Young Voices was, not only for my kids but for me too! Parents are raving about it and kids are feeling like a million bucks to have been a part of such an event. They made friends with kids in other schools that were seated nearby which was a wonderful, unexpected bonus! It was so heartwarming to see so many kids being kids, enjoying and making music together and just having a great time! Thanks again for everything!” – Sue Y. (Teacher)

Resources and Support

In addition to the informational and educational resources provided, Team AYV is always available to help!

If you have any questions regarding registration, materials and resources, as well as teaching and learning tips and ideas, feel free to contact us!

“All of your hard work was greatly appreciated…correspondences were prompt, materials arrived in a timely manner, and Erin, you were just wonderful in sending information and answering all of my questions quickly. Getting in the arena and leaving was easy – trying to find our bus in the midst of a sea of yellow buses was an adventure but didn’t take too long!  Thank you for everything and I hope to be there again next year!” – Ebony W. (Teacher)

“Your attention to detail and prompt answers to any questions was nothing short of amazing…  I can’t wait until next year!” – Lauren S. (Teacher)

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