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Welcome to American Young Voices

If you’ve been looking for more fun in your music class, we have some exciting surprises for you!

Did you ever want to perform a concert in a massive arena with a full live band?

The American Young Voices chorus sings with top performing artists from the latest pop stars to classically trained musicians. Also, as a member of the American Young Voices Choir, you will learn a whole range of dance moves to go with the songs from one of the country’s leading choreographers.

Now that your school has signed up to be a part of American Young Voices here are some things to remember:

  • You are now part of the biggest school concert on the planet
  • You will be singing in an arena where the world’s biggest stars perform regularly
  • You will be one of the actual performers in the show so, with your teacher’s help, you need to learn your words, practice all the moves and be sure to sing your very best!
  • You will be singing to a sold-out arena: now that’s an achievement!
  • Most importantly, remember to enjoy every moment!

What Other Students Are Saying About Their Experience With American Young Voices!

“WOW! I am speechless for this one. The Prudential Center was the best! We got to sing and then we saw our parents. It was awesome! We took photos – it was amazing! Oh and my favorite part were the break dancers. They were great! I had a really good time!” – Brian

“My experience at American Young Voices was marvelous and very different from other field trips for choir. Entering the Prudential Center was like sparkles pouring on my head. When they started to play the music I just began to sing right away. I loved that they had a guest from the UK and there were many children. Even being with my friends and having fun on the field trip. That was a day I would never forget.” – Jennifer

“When we went to our AYV concert it was so awesome that when we left, it was still crowded. I loved singing and dancing. If I was able to go there again, I would. Kids and families should be there. It was so amazing to be there.” – Dominick

“I <3 American Young Voices.” – Cherlyn

“I had so much fun at the American Young Voices. I would like to go again. I met new people, I love singing over there and I would like to go every year. I like how it was big and we all sang at the same time. When we sang it sounded beautiful!” – Britney

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